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The Big Beer Tours is the brother company of The Big Foody Food Tours originating in Auckland, New Zealand. Founder Elle Armon-Jones took her passion for beer and food and combined them into the tours they are today. The New Zealand craft beer scene is bursting with delicious beer, talented brewers and fun breweries to explore.

Chris Hannent is one of our senior tour guides and has watched the craft beer scene in NZ grow from scratch. He has lived in Auckland for over 25 years and has worked in the industry.

Not only is Chris one of our most knowledgeable and fun tour guides, he also guides on Tiritiri Matangi Island which is one of Auckland's most exciting conservation sites.
What are your favourite places to drink in Auckland?
Without a doubt, Vultures Lane on Vulcan Lane in Downtown Auckland is my favourite place to have a pint in Auckland. I love the pub atmosphere and the staff are amazing. There is always an exceptional rotating selection of beers on tap, and the food is delicious. 
Otherwise, anywhere in the sun, that's sheltered from our notorious Sou'westers! 
Favourite NZ Beer
That's like asking me which of my children do I love the most!!! I'd have to answer this one with a list, if I may...
Laughing Bones Brewing is a recent addition to the list of Auckland Breweries. John Morawski is an excellent brewer, and his beers reflect this. I recommend the Bone White New England IPA.
8 Wired, though not originally from Auckland, I'm stoked that they are based here now. The Cucumber Hippy Berlinerweiss was my gateway Sour beer! Their iStout is to die for.
Epic Beer has mastered the IPA, and IPA is my favourite style of beer. You can't go wrong with any beer from Epic. Armageddon IPA is rightly New Zealand's most awarded beer.
Deep Creek Brewing's The Lupulin Effect range is amazing - the brewers clearly love what they do, and it shows in their product. 
Favourite Overseas Beer
I'm really excited about Pirate Life, based in Adelaide South Australia. Their Mosaic IPA is delicious (can you tell that I really like IPA's?). To chuck another sneaky one in, you can't go wrong with Timothy Taylor's 'The Landlord' Pale Ale. 

Elle Armon-Jones 

Elle Armon-Jones is the founder of The Big Beer Tours and The Big Foody Food Tours.


Favourite Place to Drink in Auckland

I'm a huge fan of Vultures Lane, Juke Joint and the Birkenhead Beer Studio all of which have a huge variety of amazing craft beer. In saying that, I live in a beautiful spot in the country, so getting a flagon and heading home to the deck it a pretty good choice too. 

Favourite NZ Beer

Way too many options, but I am a huge fan of the Cucumber Hippy Berlinerweiss. It is without doubt what I will aim for in a bar. Epic do some delicious beers and their Awakening is one of all time favourites too. The Urbanaut Pilsner is fantastic and over winter I loved the Good George Rocky Road White Stout. BrewMoon's Hophead is a great IPA too. 

Favourite Overseas Beer

We have The Big Foody Food Tours in Oregon so I am a huge fan of the Oregon and Portland breweries but this last winter I was in the UK and had some amazing pale ales in the East End of London all made by local brewers. 

I've got a Green King IPA horror story so I stay well clear of that, but you can't beat a pint of Guinness in Ireland!




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