"Thanks The Big Beer Tour team, our guests loved it. So easy and fun to do with our team. I'm not a big beer fan but it was really nice to try a whole load and find one that I loved. See you next year. Thanks Sylvia and the CC Team"


"We got off to a rocky start on the beer tour as I fell over on the way and was very sore. The tour guide was amazing and arranged taxis from place to place so I didn't have to walk. I started the tour feeling like an old fool and finished thoroughly spoilt and very comfortable. What a great team!"

Dave Sampson

"Hell of a nice guy, very knowlegable and friendly, knows his Auckland history and really knows his beer - we enjoyed the tour!"


"When you're tasked with finding an activity for 30 people with lunch and something to keep them entertained, it's not easy. But Elle and the Team at the Big Beer Tours took in in their stride and provided an amazing day for our group. We'll be back next year!"

Chris L Australia

"I love beer and I loved this tour. Just do it. We had a blast and it was so much fun. Nilesh was brilliant at what he does."

Sally C Oregon, USA

"Hi Elle Will leave a public review but just wanted to let you know Chris was very attentive and a lovely person to spend time with. Thank you for organising such an entertaining afternoon. Thanks Jane"

Jane S - Australia

"We had such a fun tour with Elle. Jin hates beer but by the end of it was convinced that she did like it and hasn't looked back since. I thought sour beer was a waste of money, but that cucumber one was great! We'll be back in Auckland in a year and can't wait to do it all again!"

Jin and Buz

"Hi Elle, Just wanted to say thank you again for the great beer tour I (with my mate Ryan) did with you back on September the 1st. Whilst where we went wasnt new to me, the beers we tried were definitely not what I would have normally tried. It was an awesome afternoon and definitely opened my eye to some other beers; other than hose gorgeous dank hoppy IPAs I would normally drink. Both Ryan and I have been telling evryone who would listen to us how much fun we had, how good the beers were. Cheers Chris Newson"


"We've done a lot of beer tours around the world and Chris was brilliant. We loved the stories and trying the different beers. It was nice to see a different side of the city and we signed up for a food tour the following day which was also brilliant."

Ben P. UK